Bitcoin whales: Growth continues through 2020

In the volatile and uncertain environment of 2020, it may be surprising to many that the number of Bitcoin whales has continued to grow steadily since January. However, Glassnode recently reported that BTC whales have indeed increased.

Bitcoin whales and their growth in 2020
According to Glassnode, there are at least 1882 addresses with at least 1000 BTC. It should be noted that the last time this figure was so high was in September 2017. That is, just when BTC was on its rapid rise to $20,000.

Besides, if we add to this the fact that the first time we saw so many whales was in March 2016, we will see how interesting it is. At that time, Bitcoin was still under US$ 420.

That is, from that time until today BTC has increased. It now costs more than 20 times what it did then, and the whales are still growing. This implies that in one way or another the whales are richer than before.

The Bitcoin whales are stockpiling?

What can we conclude from this increase in the number of BTC whales?
The price of BTC is now more than 20 times higher than when we saw so many whales in 2016, which would imply that whales have more wealth.

However, Glassnode noted in his report that the average balance of each whale has decreased during this period. Thus, the whales actually have less BTC now than in 2016 and less wealth (in terms of USD) than in 2017.

What makes up for this somewhat is that the price of Bitcoin maintains price swings that may be useful to some new investors.

For example, those who had the opportunity to enter the market in March during the fall known as „Black Thursday“, have already doubled their investment today. With the same amount of BTC.

Also, recently a particular trend has been noticed by the whales. During the first week of June there was a marked accumulation, while the following week the movements of BTC by these whales decreased in frequency and amounts, of which not many were for sale.

This implies that these whales that have been accumulating for months, perhaps influenced by the expectations generated around Immediate Bitcoin Halving, continue to operate but with hopes of profit in the medium term.

After all, many experts have commented that this Halving would have effects in a more gradual way than the previous two.

Bitcoin’s CEO of Investment Applications calls the asset class a monetary revolution, not a technological one

What must happen for Bitcoin ( BTC ) to consolidate its role in public opinion as a valid investment option?

Aleks Svetski, CEO and co-founder of Bitcoin’s investment platform, Amber, told Cointelegraph in an email „This is NOT a technological revolution,“ he said, adding:

„It’s a currency revolution, which would take (traditionally) centuries to manifest, whereas in the digital age, Bitcoin is likely to do so in decades.“

South Korea University announces new blockchain campus

Bitcoin consolidates despite instability
Since Bitcoin Code / Bitcoin Era / Bitcoin Profit / Bitcoin Evolution / Bitcoin Billionaire / Bitcoin Revolution / Bitcoin Circuit / The News Spy / Bitcoin Trader / Immediate Edge prices fell to 50% in March, amid fears and uncertainty about the coronavirus, the general public has become increasingly interested in the pioneering cryptoactive. The currency also recovered its value dramatically, registering gains of more than 130% from its low.

Bitcoin’s positivity occurs in unstable conventional market conditions. Traditional market gauges recorded some of their worst results since the 1987 market collapse, as business closures and coronavirus prevention measures took hold. Although markets have since recovered, unemployment figures provide justification for continuing concern.

As a global asset, Bitcoin is independent of government control, which can be attractive during economic uncertainty. Svetski explained:

„The more holes appear in the building we call society; whether monetary, fiscal, social, political. The more people will want to preserve their wealth in something immune to state manipulation.“

Keeping the Enemies Close: With JPMorgan serving the crypto-currency business, a new frontier is opening

Bitcoin is gaining popularity recently in the general public
In recent days, Bitcoin has seen a number of conventional entities express interest in the crypto industry, including billionaire Paul Tudor Jones and his coverage play using Bitcoin.

Svetski mentioned two reasons for attracting the public to crypto space, he explained:

„I have a saying: ‚People will go into Bitcoin out of curiosity or pain. I would also add ‚greed,‘ but that may be under the banner of curiosity.
Immunity passports could be Blockchain’s ultimate application, according to Overstock’s CEO
Even JPMorgan Chase has changed its mind towards cryptospace, recently announcing the loan of its services to the cryptomoney exchanges, Coinbase and Gemini. The move is in stark contrast to 2017, when Jamie Dimon, CEO of the banking giant, called BTC a fraud.

Splinterlands und Bitcoin Profit: Jetzt im Fernsehen

Das Topspiel der Steem wird im amerikanischen Fernsehen gezeigt.

Splinterlands und Bitcoin Profit wird in der amerikanischen Fernsehsendung NewsWatch zu sehen sein

Das beliebte Bitcoin Profit Blockkettenspiel wird ein spezielles 90-Sekunden Bitcoin Profit Segment haben, das Ende Januar ausgestrahlt werden soll. So bereitet es sich darauf vor, dem Publikum der Sendung ein Video über Bitcoin Profit in 1080p Sendequalität zu zeigen.

NewsWatch wird sowohl auf AMC Network als auch auf Ion Television ausgestrahlt. Bemerkenswert ist, dass allein das AMC Network eine Reichweite von über 95 Millionen Haushalten in über 200 TV-Märkten hat.


Apropos die Vorteile des Spiels, sie beinhalten:

eine einmonatige Social-Media-Kampagne, die sich an die 200.000 Follower und 500.000 garantierte Online-Impressionen richtet;

Gezielte Verbreitung durch Nachrichtenagenturen wie Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC, Associated Press, Wired und HuffPost;

eine Werbekampagne über das Google Display Ad-Netzwerk mit einer Garantie von 1,6 Mio. Impressionen.
Splinterlands zeigt der Welt weiterhin die Vorzüge des Blockchain-Gaming. Sie sind ständig auf der Suche nach Möglichkeiten, um zu wachsen und ihre Reichweite zu erweitern. Das sind großartige Neuigkeiten für die Zukunft des Blockchain-Gaming. Noch neu auf der Party? Dann schau dir an, was Splinterlands alles ist und warum sie in diesem Bereich so erfolgreich sind.